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Heze Huayi Chemical Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of disinfectant of isocyanuric acid chloride products in China, which is located in the hometown of peony - Juancheng County, Heze City, Shandong province. The company was incorporated in the year of 2001. In 2004, European Union initiated the anti-dumping investigation concerning TCCA products originating in China. The company responded to the investigation actively and was granted 3.2% - an advantaged anti-dumping duty rate in Chinese TCCA manufacturers. The company produces about 30000MT TCCA and 15000MT SDIC DIHYDRATE products annually. About 85% of the products manufactured by the company were exported to more than 110 countries in EU, America, Middle East and Asia. The company has doubled its profit and production, and has become one of the main manufacturers of disinfectant products in China. 
By taking full advantages of production, marketing and techniques, our company carries forward the philosophy of sportsmanship, innovation, by truth and high efficiency. We will still go on to conduct the innovation of science and reform to techniques and try to build an excellent manufacturer in the word.
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