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Ammonium sulphate
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Ammonium Sulphate
Ammonium Sulphate
Product Name Ammonium Sulphate
Formula (NH4)2SO4
It be used in farming vegetables and forest as fertlizer. The product can be suitable to kinds of soils. When we use it as fertilizer we'd better to treat it in auxiliary fertilizer. The using amount often be 15 to 20Kg per 667m2. The product be easy to meit in water and be hard to absorb the moisture. So it be easy to stock and use,it also can be used to make sulfur compound fertilizer.  
Style pure~white crystal,Granule
Nitrogen content ≥20.5%
Moisture content ≤2%
Fe contenl ≤50ppm
As content ≤lOppm
Output The annual output of Ammonium sulphate is 100.000MT.It be popular in the domestic market and international market in fine quality. And it be exported to southcast Asia. Europe and other countries.
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